🇺🇸 The Ultimate Survival List in Case of Blackouts/Bank Closures etc. by MarkBarnerFreedom

🇺🇸 The Ultimate Survival List in Case of Blackouts/Bank Closures etc. by MarkBarnerFreedom


Get a 10-page to-do list to help you decide what would be wise to have in a crisis situation. It is filled with ideas. Some you may have already thought of yourself but also others that you probably haven't considered yet.

Several have requested this survival list via my instagram @markbarnerfreedom and @markmyfreedom. Should the banks shut down and call it a "hacker attack" just as the WEF (World Economic Forum) has warned so they can carry out their "New World Order" agenda. You can read about all this by researching them. They are pretty open about working with various governments to do a so called "Great Reset" and it is only to their economic advantage + they have more power in a socialist/communist/fascist society.

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Who knows if they shut off the power or governments demand you save energy. They can't demand that though, as you have your own freedom to do as you please (as long as you don't inflict injury on others but you are always allowed to self-defence). However, you can improve yourself and avoid listening too much to their insane restrictions and demands, just like they demanded during the virus pandemic. We have no idea what might happen and what they might come up with - and there is no reason to fear it. To eliminate as much fear as possible, I have made a list of what to prepare to purchase and acquire. This way you can have peace of mind by being a little prepared.

For years people have feared the end of the world and we are not going to get into that here!! This is just a list of what would be nice to have in order and for inspiration and help to my dear followers.

Here is a list that I have compiled over many days/weeks for all of you who have requested it. I have in collaboration with survival experts and practical wise people compiled this survival list.

This list is ideas of what might be useful to have on hand but as everyone has different needs, not everything will be relevant to you.

Page 10 is a blank page with boxes so you can make your own to-do list of extra things. ✅

Is anything missing from the list? then write to me on instagram and I'll put it on if it fits and you'll receive an updated list.

Recommend it to your neighbours/friends/family too.

Thank you for your support and backing 💚 the love of freedom.


The Ultimate Survival List in Case of Blackouts/Bank Closures etc. by MarkBarnerFreedom english version download
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